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At the start, it was just a challenge ... Getting sucked in Fabien's bed while he was sleeping .. but Fab is in the light sun and after 3 minutes he opens his eyes and sees his friend JESS sucking the twink's cock Nathan FILK .... Except that the Nathan is very hot and does not want to stop .. Fabien takes the camera to take revenge and film his friend Jess taking a good dose.

The three doses for MAX LAVA at the BEFORE Sauna in Nantes

We keep telling max LAVA "Fucking vaccinate yourself"! ! ! ! Yesterday afternoon, the BEFORE sauna of NANTES took a great initiative, to give the three doses in one time, to all those who regret not having been vaccinated! MAX LAVA answered immediately present and proposed his hole to Tommy, Romantik and Jess in order to obtain the three good doses necessary to the freedom 2.0...... He even registered for other doses but we calm down max!

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Fucked by latino Santa CLAUD
Fucked by latino Santa CLAUD

Jess is in depression, he just learned that Father NOEL does not exist and that since any kid was lied to. Tears flow warmly on her youthful face. It is then that by magic, appears the real father NOEL who will give him his big cock to pump to comfort him then fill his hole with his big sled. This Christmas, for sure, will not be like the others

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We are at the cruising area of the sauna les Thermes de MARSEILLE where two real straight guys get their dicks pumped into the glory holes by jess and nicolas. One of the guys, a rebeu, is even going to empty himself in jess's ass while his buddy is still being fed.

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