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And here's another 21 year old who loves daddys! Alec LOOB, active love to impregnate older guys! When he learned that Jess was coming to Madrid for a weekend, he really insisted to Fabien to fuck him... Jess didn't want to, because 20 year olds are not her thing. But the youngster will be very strong in persuasion...

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Here is the new sextape of Jess in amateur hidden camera mode, with a release in lope by the sexy and famous Master King Sellar.

MAX FEREZ fucked by my big cock
MAX FEREZ fucked by my big cock

I present you the sexy MAX FERREZ. Max serves me as a ball buster when I'm in Madrid and I arrive late at the hotel. I call him and he comes to empty me. That day I also have my straight friend APOLO ADRII to come and watch and film me. Except that he wanted to participate and forget for a moment that he was straight. It was so cool

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The young latino RIC VENUCCI was passing through Bordeaux for 3 days and he wanted to taste the big tails of the Bordeaux city. Obliged, the passive has to be fucked by JESS the TTBM, he's going to pump his big cock at the edge of the pool and then be dosed hardcore. Then a friend of Jess arrives to dose him a second time.

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We had just arrived at BoyBerry Madrid to have a drink with Kalil and all the other crunchboys for this end of the shoot. And there, right in the middle of the bar, a big slut with a big muscular ass was in the available mode to get dosed, on all fours, hole offered. Jess starts by going there and then Romantik arrives to empty his balls in his slut holes too

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Here is MAX a young bogus, straight curious from Paris, who loves sex and wants to try everything. So it's the first time he's going to be filmed, and sees that the humpy enjoys sucking Jess's big cock and then getting his good hetero ass measured out.

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New sextape for this good slut from ISAC RIOM a young german guy who loves to spend weekends in PARIS to get filled up. That day, fabien makes him the surprise to offer himself to Jess. The lope will have to give her hole to get the juice squeezed in her whore's ass.

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And here is the 2nd transboy, a young city guy who comes to us from Mali and who lives in Marseille. A young buggy with a beautiful cat, in the literal sense that Jess will love to smash and fill

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Here is my lope number 78 but which has a good classification in the hit of lopes. She is waiting for me in my garden, outside, in the hooded rain, in a jock and black Cho7. I arrive and direct she comes to eat my cock through my shorts, then sucks me and finally I dose her ass. I love filming it like this.