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Hidden camera plug shooting Jess ROYAN and DESLEON

With this fixed hidden camera, attend the fetish cruising ATTACK in MADRID with Jess who is filled by the handsome DESLEON, a handsome manly muscular and mega hot asset

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Back to the Boyberry Cruisig in Madrid, with always a lot of hot young guys ! That day, Jess meets a Latino guy, muscular with great abs. A classic flirting session, quickly, the handsome guy gets on his knees to suck Jess' big cock before taking it in his ass without a condom.

Young straight guy fucked by Jess ROYAN

Here is a young hetero guy from the east of France, Jess meets him in the street and offers him to come to his apartment. The guy didn't speak French and didn't understand anything but once in the apartment, the guy quickly understood that he was going to have to suck Jess's big cock and have his ass broken with juice.

Max LAVA fucked in gang by Jess at Sauna Before Nantes

We have just arrived at the BEFORE Sauna in NANTES with Tommy and Romantik where the little passive MAX LAVA is available in the DONJON BDSM area of the BEFORE Sauna in Nantes. Jess begins by filling her pussy on the turntable, before offering it to her friends

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In the Sauna BEFORE NANTES, MAX LAVA meets Jess... The young man has always dreamed of sucking her big cock and fucking her ass... At the beginning hesitant, Jess ends up accepting because he did not come to fuck in the sauna... Quickly, a good kiff settles between the two guys, and they will finally fill their asses in turn... Good hot and juicy sex plan as Jess loves them.

21 year old young boy fucked in the morning by Jess in Madrid

What could be better than having your fat cock sucked in the morning by a pussy! Jess is hot this morning, he contacts a young guy on an app and asks him to come to the apartment... The guy comes and eats Jess's big dick and then offers his ass to Jess and gets filled up with juice

Backstage camera Andy Lopez fucked by Jess

With this fixed backstage camera, attend the crunchboy shooting at Boyberry madrid with the sexy Andy LOPEZ who sucks and gets fucked bareback by Jess ROYAN ! So good, we feel like we're there

Gang bang in Madrid with 3 doses in his ass

I was back in Madrid for a few days, and I organized a gang bang on Alexis ATLANTE's big ass... I brought my two buddies Tiago DASILVA and Andrew X. The Bitch was waiting for us on all fours, in jockstrap, and we fucked her one by one, with a good big double solo as a bonus

Hidden camera of the shooting Jess and the transboy Victor DEEX

With this fixed backstage camera, attend the shooting at the fetish bar ATTACK between JEss ROYAN who fucks the pussy of the sexy transboy Victor DEEX

Hidden webcam with Jess fucked by PolFyfer

Watch the Crunchboy shoot with this hidden camera where Fabien films Jess sucking PolFyfer's big dick at the glory holes of Barcelona's BoyBerry and then gets filled

The beautiful Thiago DASILVA fucked hard by Jess ROYAN

Back at the fetish bar cruising ATTACK in MADRID, jess had her balls full again and again, and was on the hunt for a good passive submissive who could take her big cock. A handsome, muscular, dark-haired guy looked like he was getting -faced in the backroom. At first Jess thought he was straight.. But when he showed her his XXL bulge, the guy quickly got on his hands and knees to take care of the Frenchy barebacker

Jess fucked by Desleon at attacking Madrid

It's 10am, and Jess has a plane to catch at 1pm to head back to Bordeaux. He goes to say goodbye to all the crew of the Madrid Attack Cruising, and as he's leaving, he sees a bogus guy all alone who looks like he's getting bored. Jess goes up to him and starts hitting on him. The guy sees his big bulge in his jogging suit and starts to touch his package. Then the muscular guy pulls down his jogging suit and starts to eat his big cock. Until he fills his ass with all his juice, that Jess will bring back to Bordeaux lol